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- a strategy against fascism, racism and antisemitism in Brandenburg


Bildungsoffensive is an initiative in the Democratic YouthFORUM Brandenburg and came out of the campaign Aktion Noteingang in 1998. The campaign wanted to bring up discussions into the comunities daily lifes. Discussions, that are related to a right wing mainstream, a neonazi-problematic, daily racism and discrimination of refugees, non right mainstream youngsters, homeless. During the last years the work was concentratet in supporting youngsters in Brandenburg that had the will of acting against fascism and racism in their small communities. For a lack of support from townside the Bildungsoffensive startet to organise antiracism workshops; support for information events and concerts; searching for selfrunned selforganised rooms for the single groups. Our work startet at a point when a youthgroup, that had the will to oppose neonazis in their towns, already existed. One of the main concerns has been an own room,independently organised by the group and open for other young people in the city: A room as a public space, closed for neonazis and without fear of being attacked by them. Connectet with the campaign the different youthinitiatives startet to act together in networkstruktures in order to support each other.

>>in between
In 01/ 02 we realized our second campaign research and action. We wanted to see if anything had changed in terms of racism and fascism in Brandenburg in the last two years. So youthgroups started to do research on racism in their hometowns, made an action related to the special local situation and a documentary. Onces again we could empower the network as well as local groups and realized an educational input, especially on filming and media topics.

>>here and now
By now some initiatives grew to social centers with a voluntary left youth-, selfdeterminate education and cultural work organized by themselves. The groups are active in the local youthpolitics, supporting refugees, are usually the only ones that organize alternative cultural events and arts. We are acting in a statewide network that empowers the projects localy as well as suppoting each other, sharing resources and knowledge. Bildungsoffensive is still an honorary initiative that has a mentor part in the network, in a way bringing in ideas and inputs and find themselves active in network projects and campaigns. We still follow the concept of a participatory emancipatory youthwork. Since October 2002 we are also part of the youtheducation network, that is looking for an up to date theoretical term of education/ formation.



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